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Every once in awhile I remember to write about what I’m doing or learning… I’ll try to post more frequently! In the meantime, hit me up if there’s something specific you’d like to know about.

Oregon Ethics’ Filing System Wins Award

One of the projects I acted as UX Designer for in Oregon just won the "Innovation of the Year" award by StateScoop 50! The full press release, originally posted at, is below. Oregon Ethics’ Filing System named Innovation of the Year by StateScoop 50...

WordPress Site vs Home URL

Just a quick answer to a question that came up while building a theme for a client... If you're editing the PHP for your theme and come across issues while using "site_url", you may need to swap it out for "home_url". "site_url" references the directory or folder that...

Responsive Background Images in WordPress

The Problem I recently encountered an issue on one of our work websites that had the whole creative team stumped. We had a WordPress site that was using default images when there were no featured images defined, and the default images were being dynamically added as...